Representative Projects


Assists public and private entities with environmental review and natural resource permitting for various types of waterfront development and redevelopment, including:


Alameda Seaplane Lagoon Ferry Terminal Project

Hired as a permitting specialist to assist with environmental review and natural resource agency approvals for the construction of a new ferry terminal at Alameda Point, which will maximize the use of public transport by water and reduce traffic congestion in Alameda.


34th America's Cup/James Herman Cruise Terminal Project

Development Projects

34th America’s Cup/James Herman Cruise Terminal Project, San Francisco, CA

Hired as a permitting specialist for a high-profile project with extremely tight approval deadlines and successfully assisted in permit approvals from the US Army Corps of Engineers, US Fish and Wildlife Service, SF Regional Water Quality Control Board, NOAA Fisheries and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

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Assists developers with complex and involved real estate transactions, including due diligence, negotiations, option agreements, purchase and sale and entitlements.

Oakland Inner Harbor Transfer Project

Real Estate Development Projects

Oakland Inner Harbor Transfer Project

Assisted the City of Alameda to complete a transfer of the 1.8 mile Oakland Inner Harbor Tidal Canal from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to the City of Alameda and subsequently to over 90 private property owners to rectify a decades-long problem along the Oakland Estuary.

Airport Projects

Airport Safety Projects

Oakland International Airport Runway Safety Area Project

Assisted a local public agency to successfully complete the NEPA/CEQA processes and to obtain all regulatory approvals for an important airport safety project ahead of schedule. The project is currently in construction.

Currently assisting with all NEPA/CEQA and environmental permitting, including negotiating municipal agreements necessary to construct important flood protection and seismic improvements at a local airport.

Currently assisting the same airport to draft and revise existing rules and regulations related to airport operations.

Power Projects

Electric Transmission
Reconductoring Project

Currently assisting a major public utility with:

  1. Electric Transmission – utility line permitting with the California Public Utilities Commission
  2. Renewable Energy - wind and solar interconnection projects
  3. Gas Transmission – CEQA and natural resource permitting for gas line inspection and repair

Currently assisting local municipalities with:

  1. Wastewater compliance requirements
  2. Drafting various municipal agreements, including Memorandums of Agreements and Understanding, local ordinances, and local land use policies
  3. Natural resource permitting approvals from state and federal agencies for local public projects, including:
Municipal Projects

Municipal Projects

Habitat Conservation Plan (“HCP”)

Managed the formulation, negotiation and documentation of a complex HCP, corresponding State Incidental Take Permit and corresponding Implementation Agreement to allow expansion of a necessary municipal landfill and to ensure the management in perpetuity of 688 acres of valuable habitat in Riverside County for the benefit of approximately 31 species pursuant to Section 10 of ESA and Section 2081 of CESA.


Assists utilities, municipalities and developers with entitlements and compliance associated with water supply projects, including two large dam improvement projects, stormwater projects, and evolving sewer system requirements.


Sewer System Compliance

Assisting a local municipality to comply with evolving and expanding state and federal sewer system requirements.

Bay Division Pipeline Project

Bay Division Pipline Project

Bay Division Pipeline #5 Reliability Upgrade Project

Developed and successfully implemented permitting strategies and obtained regulatory approvals for a 21-mile pipeline and tunnel underneath San Francisco Bay. The project is currently in construction.

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Currently assisting two public agencies with storm water and infrastructure improvement projects necessary to comply with current federal and state water quality standards, including:

Alameda Point Storm Water Upgrades

Assisting with infrastructure permitting associated with the redevelopment of the Alameda Point Naval Shipyard.

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